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There are indeed a lot of WordPress wedding themes out there, but many ask for advanced WordPress knowledge to build a beautifully customized website. Free customizing wedding websites can cover the knowledge part, but their templates are quite limited. What are we talking about here? A special wedding just for you!


WeddingEngine offers you both easy customization features and uniquely breathtaking wedding designs. In exchange? Your happy experience 🙂 .

Easy Customization

The theme is designed upon this first and foremost requirement. Not every groom is a WordPress master guy, but surely every one of them would love to create such a beautiful wedding page for their special girl. Let the technical complicates not limit you! 

WeddingEngine allows users to edit all contents including photos, blog and invites right on site. All you need to do is getting yourself a hosting service, a domain name and WeddingEngine. We’ll take care of the rest.

Trending Design

Designing for WeddingEngine is a fascinating but daunting task at the same time. Indeed, there are so many wedding styles and it was terribly hard to choose one that satisfies all, or at least most of them. Having said that, I must admit Design team has successfully accomplished the impossible mission.

They interviewed 100 selected couples to collect the best ideal wedding ideas: Castles or Bali, rustic or classic theme, pink or white, etc. The results are quite diverse for different cultures, but analytics have shown a striking trend for a minimal yet romantic bridal theme.

The best is yet to come. 


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