DirectoryEngine v1.8.6 now supports responsive header menu

Updated on July 17, 2024 in Currencies
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Responsive header menu

The header menu is now completely responsive in DirectoryEngine v1.8.6. When users access your site via other small screen devices, the menu items will be hidden under a button. You can then click on it and view all the content.

menu - DirectoryEngine

Update DE multirating

In the previous version, even when you deleted some reviews in the back-end, the “Review counter” still remained the same. This bug has been fixed now, the feature now works well according to the submitted reviews.

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug in “DE listplace” widget: The dropdown list in now clickable.
  • Fix bug in Geolocation feature: Previously, when you disabled the feature, the site still asked for users’ locations. This bug has gone now.
  • Fix bug when posting Blog: The articles posted in blog now have a right date.
  • The interface now appear beautifully when you add two blocks “ DE Blog” and “DE Place” next to each other.
  • The function “Share places via Social networks” works well now.
  • The text in the notification is now displayed.
  • The “Rating stars” now appear beautifully.

Small notice: We’re about to release WeddingEngine soon. If you feel interested in it, please don’t hesitate to check it out.

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