EngineThemes’ updates: JobEngine, QAEngine, ForumEngine

Updated on June 21, 2024 in Customizing
0 on May 20, 2015

This week updates focus on some bug fixes so that your site performance will be better.

QAEngine version 1.5.3

A new option is added in QAEngine: Login to view Answer. The name speaks for itself, if you enable this option, users have to log in to view the answers.

login to view answer-QAEngine

  • Fix bug when edit email address: In the previous versions, the system still saved the invalid email address – the one that had already existed. The problem has gone now.
  • Fix bug when updating profiles: You can update your profiles without hassle now.
  • Fix bug when changing password: You won’t see the loading state when changing password anymore.

JobEngine version

Along with the new policy of LinkedIn which prevents users from import their full profile, we offer a setting in the back-end so that you can easily set up the scope.

After apply with LinkedIn, you can visit My apps section and get the required information.


Different from the previous versions which users couldn’t see the jobs which have been archived. With the new version, you still can check out the jobs even when the payment plans have been expired.

Moreover, a new field type is added in JE Custom Fields, you now can create an Text area field for posting job form.

JE fields-JobEngine

  • Fix “Google captcha” issue: Previously, Google captcha encountered a problem if users used the domain http. The problem has gone now.
  • Fix “Facebook” issue: The feature works fine now, the company’s logo will be displayed when you share a job via Facebook.
  • Fix “Set up Wizard” issue: You can create job type and categories when setting up wizard now.
  • Admin can update company information in the back-end now.
  • The blank space won’t appear when you refresh the page anymore.
  • The extra “Text area” button has been removed.
  • You now can approve jobs without issue.
  • The translation feature works fine now.

ForumEngine version 1.5.6

ForumEngine was released yesterday with some small bug fixes:

  • Fix “Sign up form” issue: in the previous version, users met a bug when creating new accounts. The issue has gone now.
  • Fix “Responsive” issue: the appearance is fine now.
  • Fix “Hashtag” issue: previously, if users replied a thread with the symbol #, an error would appear. The bug has been fixed.
  • Front-end customizer works well now.
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