New changes in DirectoryEngine v1.8.4

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0 on March 26, 2015

The main change in DirectoryEngine version 1.8.4 is the completion of the header map. It’s now not only a section to display the location but can also be considered as a street map.

As for the mobile version, it is gradually completed too, users now can post places via mobile whenever and wherever they want.

Map guide implementation

Using the map on DirectoryEngine, you can easily find a way to get to your favorite place. Once you select a place from the list and visit its detailed page, you will see a “Car” symbol on the left corner of the header map. Click on it and the system will show you the guidance to get to that place.

Besides, according to your transportation, the map will have a different guide for you. You can choose one among these methods: driving, walking, bicycling or transit.

Furthermore, another small change regarding the map is also added. There’ll be a default style for the map which admin can select from the admin panel.


Diversify the supported widgets

A new widget is added on the system – DE Nearby. This widget shows the nearest places according to the user’s location. Of course, as the site owner you can decide how the widget will appear. Simply insert a number and you can decide the radius as well as the number of places to be displayed.


Add link in mail template

As you have known, when a user contact the place owner, the owner will receive a message via emails. A link is added in this mail template so that the owner can quickly visit the posted place.


Bug fixes

  • Fix “Blog display” issue: In the previous version, the latest article wasn’t displayed. The bug has been fixed now.
  • Fix “Review” feature: From now on, if unlogged in users click on the review button, a log in form will appear reminding them to log in.
  • Update et-feature field to list the places right.
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