Reduce spams in your site with ClassifiedEngine v1.8.9

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ClassifiedEngine is updated with new implementation and bug fixes. Check it out now! Also, please don’t forget to join our survey.

Implement “Email confirmation” feature

Admins now have right to enable or disable the confirmation process for new users.

Previously, visitors are free to register on your site. Though it helps to simply the process, sometimes you have to receive a lot of spams. With this implementation, users have to confirm their email addresses to complete the registration process.

Of course, if admins don’t want this step, they can easily disable it in their admin panels.

email confirmation-ClassifiedEngine

Upload multiple images at once

From now on, users can upload multiple images for the ad using their mobile. The uploading process will be more convenient of course and you can also save a lot of time.

mobile ce - ClassifiedEngine

Bug fixes

  • Fix “Compatible” issue: Some other payment gateways from WooCommerce have been checked the compatibility with ClassifiedEngine to make sure you won’t meet issues.
  • Fix “Record” issue: In the previous version, sellers don’t get sell order even when someone has already ordered an item. The bug has been fixed.
  • Fix “Uploading” issue: Previously, when an unregistered user clicks the “post an ad” button and they are presented with the form to create an account, they cannot upload a profile picture when using an Ipad. The problem has gone.
  • Fix “Duplicate” issue: The comments won’t be duplicated anymore.
  • The “Email config” notification has been styled again.
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