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Updated on April 15, 2024 in Customizing
0 on April 3, 2015

Not too long ago, we made a promise to implement PayUMoney to JobEngine. Today, we’re happy to announce that the promise has been fulfilled.

PayUMoney is now official compatible with JobEngine. Just like how it works in FreelanceEngine and DirectoryEngine, you just have to complete some simple settings and it’s ready to use.



The setting is located in the Payment tab together with the other ones. Contact the PayUMoney team then you’ll get the needed information including Merchant ID and Key-salt. Furthermore, we provide tested keys so that you can try it before get an official account. You can check out this documentation to have more details regarding the extension.

And what makes it so special? JE PayUMoney is totally FREE. Wait no more and get it now !

[button type=”view” link=””]View Demo[/button]      [button type=”get it” class=”btn-shake” link=””]Get it for free[/button]

Along  with JE PayUMoney is JobEgnine version, this version includes some small bug fixes to make your site run more stably.

  • Fix “2CheckOut” issue: The payment process is fine now.
  • Fix “Compatible” issue: Mobile version now works fine with WordPress SEO Yoast plugin.
  • Fix some layout error. The layout won’t be broken any more.
  • Indeed jobs now appear in jobs tab now.
  • The system validate emails when user registers a new account.
  • In the previous versions, when users tried to load an intro page in Firefox browser, it detected a missing “pattern1” file. The bug has gone.
  • Previously, when a company edit a posted job, they couldn’t post the second one. The problem has been fixed now.
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